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A delay to charity registration?

Jersey Community Partnership seeks reassurance from the Charity Commissioner that applicant charities will be registered by the end of the year to safeguard their financial position.

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The Charity Conference

We're dedicating the week of 25th-30th November to celebrating the role and dedication of charitable governors in Jersey! The highlight of the week is the Charity Conference, which will be brought to you on Thursday 28th November and will see 10 expert speakers share their guidance, opinion and resources with those working in or supporting the charitable sector. We are delighted that the Charity Commissioner will once again give his views and updates on the charity register. Resources from the 2018 conference are available via the conference tab above. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out the latest conference news as it happens!

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Who are we?

Jersey Community Partnership is an independent and impartial non-profit organisation championing the development of a robust and resilient voluntary and community sector in Jersey. By connecting people, encouraging greater collaborative working, and sharing knowledge we aim to help improve the flow of money, ideas and volunteers around our community. We passionately believe in Jersey’s potential to be a benchmark for a modern compassionate community.

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Our Manifesto for a thriving civil society

We believe in Jersey’s potential to be a benchmark for a modern compassionate community. At the heart of this are our charities and community groups and those people who give up their time, energy and expertise to help others. In our island community we rely heavily on the services of our charities; the social benefits of voluntary action are well known and the sector contributes much to the economy as employers, service providers, and early interventionists that save tax payers millions of pounds. It is essential, therefore, that the development of civil society is high on the agenda of every States Member. We have some thoughts on why it's time for a Civil Society Minister within the States.

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Charity Registration

The register of Jersey charities opened on 1st May 2018. Any organisation wishing to become a charity or retain its charity status, raise funds from the general public, and receive tax exemptions will need to pass the 'charity test' - that is proving you have charitable purpose and deliver a public benefit. You will need to provide a copy of your constitution or founding document, statements of your charitable purpose and the benefit you intend to deliver to the public, certain financial information and declarations about your governors (those who are responsible for the running of your organisation). Contact us if you would like any assistance in completing your application.

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Survey News

Jersey Charitable Sector Survey 2016

The long awaited sector survey, the first of its type, was launched in April to large audiences in St Helier and Les Ormes. It attracted headline news in the JEP on 26 April 2017. An animated version of highlights from the survey can be found below. We thank the many organisations who contributed and for a superb response rate - 46%.

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Full survey results and report

How much funding flowed in to the sector in 2016? How many people volunteer in Jersey? What percentage of organisations operate on less than £25,000pa? Find out in our full survey report which is now available. Please email us for your copy.

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Latest News

JCP granted charity status

JCP is pleased to have received registered charity status, confirming that it passes the charity test under Charities (Jersey) Law 2018.

20 Aug 2019

A delay to charity registration?

The Jersey Community Partnership has sought reassurance from the Charity Commissioner that applicant charities will be registered by the end of the year to safeguard their financial position.

03 Jun 2019
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