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Bulletin: Coronavirus

10 Mar 2020

Updated 21st April 2020

Our latest survey measuring the impact of covid-19 has revealed that charities in Jersey are seeing a 22% increase in demand for their services but a 55% reduction in funding. Whilst charities are needed more than ever there is a real risk that many will not survive. This is why we're asking the Government to do more for our voluntary and community sector in Jersey, particularly for those who are unable to provide their usual services at the current time but whose support will be called upon even more when the restrictions are lifted. We need financial aid for those charities who may not be front-line services today but will be vital to the recovery of the island in the aftermath. We must look towards the time when we are in recovery phase, the current outlook is simply too short-termist. We are urging the Government to take a longer-term view and release funding for the sector before we see critical services collapse.


28th March 2020

Jersey Community Partnership is now accepting requests for specific cases where islanders need urgent financial assistance in order to cope during the coronavirus crisis. Unfortunately we will not consider requests to support or establish unrestricted reserves or general projects that are under threat in the current climate.

We are facilitating charitable funds reaching those islanders in urgent need. 

In order to submit a request for funding, please send us an email detailing the specific circumstances, the amount of funding needed, confirmation that other channels (as above) have been considered, and the reason for urgent prioritisation. We will also need details of your organisation (you do not have to be a registered charity to apply but you do need to confirm that you are a registered NPO or that your application to the charity commissioner is pending) and the main person to contact. We will then present these requests to our donors and they will decide if they wish to make a donation. You would receive the funds directly from the donor.

Contact us at

General Resources 

Key up to date information from the Government of Jersey can be found here: Latest news

Information specific to the voluntary and community sector (including mitigating financial impact, support for making decisions around charity events and meetings, protecting staff volunteers and visitors) can be found on the NCVO website here:  

Can I use reserves or restricted funds to help my organisation through this crisis?

Reserves may be spent on helping you cope with unexpected events such as this but if there are restrictions on the funds (i.e. they can only be used for a specific purpose) then you are not permitted to use these funds for a different purpose without the consent of the donor who gave you those funds originally.

Meet (virtually) with your committee or board and determine your short, medium and long-term priorities and adjust your financial planning accordingly. This may mean delaying or cancelling non-urgent activities in order to focus on the essential spend. Don't forget that the management and spend of your reserves must be a collective decision and noted appropriately.

What should I be considering at this time?

Consider whether you can deliver your services via different means (for example, by supporting people over the phone rather than in person or delivering online training rather than at a venue).

Are you able to narrow your focus of work to providing the essential and most-urgent of activities and redeploy your resources to those areas?

Consider contacting your bank, landlord and any service providers and see if you can negotiate a payment holiday or more favourable terms. 

Reach out to charities who serve a similar beneficiary group or cause as you and understand if there is an opportunity to reduce any duplication, co-fund activities, share resources or collaborate.

What support is there that I can access?

We have been in touch with the major grant-funders on the island to determine their response to the situation. They are all continuing to provide grants through their usual channels, and are co-ordinating a joint response to ensure they are not duplicating efforts or resource at this time. You should continue to apply for funding through their direct application process.

More details will shortly be announced by the Government as to what business benefits charitable organisations are able to access, and how they can access them. In the immediate term you should consider contacting Jersey Business and making use of the resources they have available particularly around HR matters and access to a free 1:1 consultation.

Malcolm Ferey (of the Citizens Advice Bureau) is leading the Volunteer Hub and community response. This may be your first port of call in ensuring that you are not duplicating efforts and that your organisation is included in any community response efforts. The hub can be reached via the general coronavirus helpline (01534) 445566.

Advice for Jersey charitable businesses

Business advice and guidance

Checklist on business continuity planning (communications and planning in case of staff absences and any disruptions in service delivery)

Minister announces support for businesses including deferring payment of social security contributions

Jersey Business has received additional funding to support organisations on the island including access to a free 1:1 HR consultation


This is intended to provide an overview of some of the resources available to you during this time. We remain committed to supporting the charitable sector be as effective as they can be, so if there is specific advice or guidance you need, or an issue you would like us to raise collectively with the Government of Jersey please do not hesitate to get in touch: or



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