Register of Jersey Charities

Charities to be consulted on the charity test and registration process

16 Oct 2017

Jersey’s Charity Commissioner, John Mills CBE, has announced that a consultation will be published next month on the charity test and registration process, due to come in next May.

It will set out the decision-making process around granting registered charity status as well as the process of registration. To aid in the consultation process, he has also announced that several meetings and ‘drop ins’ will be arranged where interested parties can hear more about the operation of the new law and ask questions.

Organisations who wish to apply to become registered charities (and therefore continue to be afforded charitable tax relief, and in the case of publicly registered charities be able to raise funds from the general public) will be required to satisfy the Commissioner that:

  • first, that it has purposes drawn from its written constitution that are charitable purposes as defined in the Law
  • and, secondly, how it provides public benefit in giving effect to its charitable purposes


In preparation for the registration process current charities, both large and small, should be taking stock of how they are set up and run, and whether they actually do what their founding documents say they should. 

Rachel French of the Jersey Community Partnership attended a roundtable discussion organised by the Jersey Policy Forum, at which the Charity Commissioner spoke about the preparations and plans for the new regulatory regime. She commented: “As a charitable organisation ourselves we welcomed the opportunity to hear about the progress being made by the Charity Commissioner. However, there is still some work to do in preparation for the register coming in and in engaging with the wider voluntary and community sector. There are well over 500 not-for-profit organisations in Jersey, and the majority of these are operating with no paid staff and limited resources. Ensuring these organisations have access to the information, assistance where it may be needed and are engaged with the office of the Charity Commissioner is a priority for the Jersey Community Partnership.”

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