Family First service set up

Collaborative approach puts Families First

16 Feb 2018

A new service which aims to help families with children requiring off-island treatment has been set up.

Cheryl Dolbel, the Family Liaison Manager has been in post for one month and has been meeting with families, agencies, charities and health professionals to identify those areas where families are in need of support.

The role and service is a result of a collaboration between a large cluster of children’s charities, including the Grace Crocker Family Foundation who has funded the position, LV Home Care and the Jersey Community Partnership.

The cluster identified the need for a service which will provide a professional point of contact for families who need guidance, support and help navigating resources, services and funding provided by government and voluntary organisations. 

Cheryl commented: "It is about everybody working together. It is not just for Family First to do everything – it is about highlighting that there are gaps in the service and then thinking about how can we, Family First, and the charities and services, work together to make sure these gaps are filled.

For each family that goes to the UK, I hope to be able to give them a pack, for the relevant hospital, with travel timetables, information on food vouchers and where basic things are like ATMs and pharmacies. It is about knowing where there is a church or a mosque if that is your religion – it is little things like that that are really important. It is about having the information there for them so that they can then concentrate on the important thing, which is their child."

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