71% of citizens have confidence in Jersey charities

Confidence in charities runs high

06 Dec 2018

This morning Statistics Jersey released the findings of The Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey - a survey to gauge public opinion on a range of social issues - and it found that 71% of the population has confidence in the island's charities.

With the introduction of Charities Law and the charity register opening earlier this year we felt it was important to gauge the current levels of the public's trust and confidence in charities today. Working with the team at Statistics Jersey we asked the citizens of Jersey about their giving behaviours and confidence in charitable institutions.

Today's report provides us with some key data and trends on islanders' engagement with charities. It also gives us a baseline level of confidence, a figure we've never had before. Knowing what it is now we can look at why levels are so high and ensure we continue to maintain or grow it. Taken alongside the results from other areas of the survey we can also start to build up a very detailed picture of what a typical donor in Jersey looks like. This is incredibly important to our charitable organisations, they can take this data and use it to inform how they engage with members of the public. 

We're delighted to report such a high level of confidence in charities. And with 96% of the population having engaged in at least one charitable activity over the last 12 months, it's safe to say that the voluntary and community sector is an integral part of life in Jersey.

The Jersey Community Partnership is committed to ensuring this level of confidence and engagement remains high, and that it receives the support it needs.


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