States and Voluntary Sector to forge new relationship

Forging a new relationship with the States of Jersey

20 Jul 2018

Jersey’s independent advocate for the charitable sector, the Jersey Community Partnership is encouraging all those involved in voluntary and community organisations to give their opinion on what values, behaviours and principles they feel should underpin a new and improved relationship with the States of Jersey.

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Rachel French, CEO of the Jersey Community Partnership commented: “We have a large and vibrant charitable sector upon which many islanders depend as well as contributing much to the economy, health and development of our community. A key part of enabling the sector to flourish and bring about even greater positive change is having an effective relationship with the States of Jersey, one which encourages society to achieve its potential. This will only be achieved if it’s a collaborative process and with as many people as possible engaged with it from this very early stage. We’re encouraging everyone involved in voluntary and community organisations to take part in a very short survey to give their views on what this relationship looks like.”

Colette Kelly, Interim Director of Local Services commented: “Given the size, history and diversity of the sector in Jersey the relationship between the States and the sector is not as effective as it should be. While pockets of best practice exist there is limited engagement with the sector as a key partner rather than just individual providers of services. Consequently, it ignores the wider impact and intelligence that voluntary and community organisations could bring to the table.  There is untapped potential to engage the sector in a different way and use the huge social value embedded in the Jersey system. I would encourage everyone to participate in the consultation that is open until the end of July.”

We are encouraged by the response so far, with 116 people giving their opinion, but we would like to hear from more of you, whether you are a member of staff, a volunteer or a governor. The survey is open until the end of July and can be completed online, is available in large print or can be conducted over the telephone (please call Rachel on 07797 859481 if you wish to participate in this way)

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