Trustees' Week launches in Jersey

JCP Announces Trustees' Week 2017

20 Nov 2017

The Jersey Community Partnership has announced details of Trustees’ Week 2017 which will run 20th-24th November. In collaboration with the week aims to highlight and celebrate the role of the 3,000 charitable trustees on the island.

Stronger charities through great governance 

There is a thriving charity sector here on the island, with approximately £80m flowing in to the sector, supported by 11,000 volunteers, 3,000 of which are trustees or governors of charitable organisations. They play a vital role in the community ensuring the delivery of vital services and contributing to civil society. Trustees’ Week will focus on good governance and the skills and resources needed to make trustees even more effective leaders. 

Supported charities are stronger charities 

“Voluntary and community organisations are the lifeblood of our island, but they face many challenges. The Jersey Community Partnership is here to support the thousands of trustees who are passionate about making a difference by giving them the tools and information to help them be even more effective in their role. With the introduction of a charities register next year, ensuring our 500+ not-for-profit organisations have access to the information and assistance they need is a priority for us. Supported charities are stronger charities.” - Rachel French, CEO, Jersey Community Partnership

“Volunteers are the backbone of society in Jersey. Without the huge input of time and talent by trustees our community would not be the vibrant, exciting and caring place it is today. The responsibility that trustees take on when they stand for election is huge from financial regulation, safeguarding vulnerable groups to health and safety and employment law. Trustees ensure that any non-profit entity, whether they are a small sports club or a large multimillion pound charity, are able to meet their legal obligations, their organisation’s aims and that all employees and volunteers are cared for. is here to help match organisations’ needs with potential trustees.” - Alan Le Pavoux, Charity Manager, The Bosdet Foundation 

Celebrating the work of trustees

“Effective trustees are pivotal to the success of a charity – leading the charity and deciding how it runs – making decisions which impact on lives. Using their skills and experience good trustees can make a real difference.  Stronger charities have effective trustees.” - Nigel Smith, Chairman, Jersey Community Partnership

“As the Patron of the Jersey Community Partnership, I would like to personally thank all the trustees of every Jersey Charity for dedicating their time and energies to making a difference to the communities of Jersey. For those of you thinking of becoming a trustee or getting involved with a charity or community group, I would encourage you to take action today, and help to change lives for the better.” Sir Stephen Dalton, Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey.

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