JCP receives registered charity status

JCP granted charity status

20 Aug 2019

Jersey Community Partnership is pleased to have received registered charity status, confirming that it passes the charity test under Charities (Jersey) Law 2018.

Jersey’s Charities Law was brought in to force in 2018, with the purpose of appointing a Charity Commissioner whose role would include the establishment and maintenance of a charity register. The register opened for applications on 1st May 2018 and although registration is voluntary, it is encouraged for the benefits it affords, both reputationally and financially i.e. being able to call yourself a Jersey charity which attracts funding, tax exemptions and reliefs reserved for registered charities.

To date the Commissioner has registered 195 organisations from the 434 applications received at the end of 2018 (the deadline he set for registration for existing entities). For those still waiting to receive confirmation of their charitable status we sought to understand and reassure the sector on the registration process, the time taken to register charitable entities, and the measures that will be put in place to extend the transitional time period for retaining tax reliefs past the end of the year deadline (should he not register all applicants in that time).

We received this response: 

“…I am undertaking a first review of all the applications as expeditiously as reasonably practicable. Those that are all right can be approved for registration without difficulty. Those that are not, or looks if they may not, on the evidence in front of me, need further consideration…The application process I am required to apply can only serve to strengthen the country’s charitable sector and it would be poor public policy, and a poor advertisement to potential donors and indeed to the world, were it to be undermined for what could be said to be a sectional interest. Resources are always tight, particularly in a small place like this, but at this point, the end of quarter 1, I am confident enough that there are sufficient resources available to me and my small office to handle the work that we have and which we envision for the next period or two but if later in the year I begin to sense differently then I shall make my views known to the ministry. For now my objective is a determination made by the end of 2018 on all applications, for which the transitional period could be of importance (though it probably not always will be), by the end of 2019…I certainly recognise the importance of getting through the list with expedition, for all the reasons we know, and I shall step up my own work accordingly if I come to sense by about summertime that the objective may be looking problematic because of the nature of cases themselves.”

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