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Establishing a Survivors' Support Network

Following the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, The Citizens Panel made 4 recommendations (you can view the panel’s report here). Recommendation 3 was 'for help and support for victims/survivors and their families. This must include: a) opportunities for survivors and their families to come together to support each other in a variety of settings'.

But, how can this be done? The facilitators of the Citizens Panel have put together this series of short video interviews with key people in England who have set up survivor networks and support groups. The videos are designed to help start a conversation about how we can make this recommendation a reality in Jersey.

As you watch the video you may want to ask yourself some of these questions: what struck you? What interested you? Did you hear anything that you thought might be of relevance to Jersey (in terms of a network/support group)? Is there anything that you would like to learn more about? Would you like to hear more from any of the speakers?

We would like to get back in touch with you (no pressure though!), to hear any thoughts you may have. Thanks for your time.


Video 1: Jane Chevous - Survivors Voices

Video 2: Fay Maxted – The Survivors Trust

 Video 3: Jon Bird - NAPAC


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