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We're changing the narrative of corporate philanthropy.

The Twinning Pledge is just one initiative that can exploit Jersey’s unique environment and proximity between financial expertise and human endeavour for common good.

At the end of 2018, 36 of Jersey’s 500 or so charities held current and fixed assets in excess of £76million. 40% of charitable organisations reported that they received some corporate support in the form of a monetary donation. However, less than 50% of charitable organisations reported that they received additional support in the form of advice, volunteers, facilities or expertise from the private sector. Given the radical changes in standards required of Jersey charities due to the new Charities Law and the public’s demand for transparency and better governance, charities need more assistance than ever before.

We aim to create a culture where giving human capital is part of the organisation’s DNA. Enlightened organisations are enhancing their financial donations by pledging just a modest share of their human capital (time, expertise, resources, intellectual capacity) to a local charitable organisation over the medium term, ensuring reliable, consistent improvement in their outcomes, and becoming a member of our Twinning community.

Submit your pledge to rachel@jerseycommunitypartnership.org, nominating your chosen charity or let us help you choose one in need!


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These are some of our Progressive Pledgers who have committed to bringing about positive social change in our community



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